Our History

Annex 24 Gallery was a vision for many moons before it came to Walnut Street.  The vision of a venue where art could be hung, discussed, looked upon and affect people – without constraints – was the dream.  Constraints of subject matter, frames, material and size can be so limiting to an artist…it dampens creative spirit.  After attempting to exhibit artwork and asked to add frames or hold back on subject matter – an opportunity presented itself in 2008 leading Kenny and Vanessa Reisig to open their own space – Annex 24 Gallery.  Their love and passion for the arts and for people, allowed the gallery to grow and prosper, providing a creative space for emerging artists through seasoned artists to exhibit their work as they, the artist, envisioned the work to be shown.  Kenny’s amazing talent continued to touch others in his incredible way of hanging or presenting artists’ works.  The gallery evolved into a space full of positive energy and out-of-box thinking promoting all facets of the arts – music, spoken, written and all aspects of tangible art.

Relationships blossomed here.  Connections and partnerships began here.  All of which will continue to grow as Lancaster forges ahead as a magnificent art destination.

-Kenny “The Kidd” and Vanessa Reisig