Current Exhibit

A Study in Family: A Generational Exhibition

Four generations of artists in the Nagel family are on exhibit in March 2017. Margaret Nagel, a self-taught artist, began her career in her late 40’s. Starting on traditional canvas, Margaret eventually gravitated to porcelain and china work. After discovering a love for painting, Margaret shared her love of painting with her mother Margaret Seyfried. Margaret Seyfried began painting in her 60’s, focusing on elements and objects that were calming and graceful.

Vanessa Nagel Reisig, a photographer and former art gallery owner is the granddaughter of Margaret Nagel and great-granddaughter of Margaret Seyfried. Vanessa

has chosen to view the world through the lens. A passion for photographing nature, candid work, and macrophotography, Vanessa is an established artist with a keen eye. Mother to Alexandre and Julian Reisig, the love for art has been passed down to the next generation of artists as both young men have pieces on exhibition here at Annex 24 Gallery.




Family is not an important thing. It’s everything. – Michael J. Fox